Dream 02.09.12

Okay, more dreams.

I dreamed that I had an apartment in the alley behind my grandmother’s house, and I could see her yard from my window. (In reality, there is a warehouse there, not apartments.) I was sipping coffee next to the window when I heard sirens. A police cruiser and an ambulance came into the alley, and pulled into my grandmother’s drive. I panicked. I ran outside and grabbed the police officer (female, blonde) and demanded to know what was going on. She looked at me as if it weren’t my business, and then I told her that that is my grandmother. She told me everything that she knew, and asked me if I’d seen anything. I show her a sketch from my sketchbook of someone who went to visit my grandmother earlier that day. (I was the blue-haired Schroe in this. In the next part, I’m myself.)
Next thing I know, I’m at my Aunt E’s house. Apparently, we’re house sitting. My brother orders me to …. Rake the lake. There’s leaves and twigs in the lake, and I’m supposed to clean them up. “Hell no,” I say, “I just got in from Chicago.”
Then my grandmother comes in, bandaged. The police told her she should stay with family until everything’s cleared up.
Later that night, an Asian woman in black leather comes into the house, and she resembles the woman that I had in my sketchbook.
Oh, poo. This time she comes after me. Then I woke up. Yay.

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