[Jorenko> BBQ Chicken with . . . . HARD BOILED EGGS. On the same plate. As if they had some sort of business sitting next to each other like that.

[Schroe> Running around naked all the time. You strange boy.
[Ettin> >: I wear a shirt and shorts! And I smell like feet.

night1stalker (12:30:08 AM): Yay! An email from Schroe! You’ve devirginized my mailbox. Thank you!
KJ StErOiDs (12:34:33 AM): Why do you want these e-mails, Night?
Schroe Dot Org (12:35:26 AM): He’s gang-banging his new email address. I had first poke.
night1stalker (12:36:07 AM): Poe got sloppy seconds… Poor KJ had to finish up.
HisZimmyness (12:37:13 AM): I’ve always wanted to violate a young, innocent, virgin mailbox

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