So some guys from the arcade walked me home, ‘cos I kinda passed out on the machine.

J Jorenko: :O

I’m not going back for a while -_-

J Jorenko: You know what that means. You’re starting to run out of fat to burn, or something completely unrelated to that, even!

Troy, one of the regs at the arcade, got me hooked on a new song, so I kept playing it over and over and over.
He was mad at me because I aced the hard part :P
After a while, I took a break, and he asked me if I needed a drink. I’m not one to take freebies, so I said I was fine :|

J Jorenko: And you dehydrated and pooped

Yeah. I didn’t really pass out, I just fell over. People watchin’ caught me so I didn’t hit the floor. I sat in the corner for a half hour, then went home.

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