Dream 02.08.17

The dream started with me finding a snake in my room. My room was not this apartment nor my home in Ohio, but another apartment of my own. The snake was a red and yellow one, with black spots. He never tried to bite me, ever, but I still held him by the neck ‘n’ stuff. The snake would slither all over my room; I wouldn’t lock him up unless people were over.

One day, he went missing. I cried when I couldn’t find him, so I left my room too look elsewhere in the building for him.

Oh my, it’s the commune. Everything’s done up in a retro-futuristic style. I walk to a room with red, oddly designed chairs. They looked modern-artish. I hate modern art :\

I ask anyone in the room if they’d seen my snake. Most people say no, while another person hands me a garter snake. “It’s not muh snake,” I say.

The guy runs off, so I’m stuck with a new garter snake. I put him in my purse, where I find the skeletal remains of my other snake.


The next thing I know, there’s people chasing me with guns. Great, another FPS dream. It was rather choppy, mainly from the deaths and getting respawned elsewhere. I do remember stairs.

I did not dream of shrimp.

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