Dream 02.08.12

The dream started with Jason Alexander and myself walking along a beach, talking about sand. We discussed how it looks a lot redder today. As we’re walking, we come to a cliff. Vines grow down the side of it, all the way to the shallow water at the bottom. Pieces of manikins are floating there, and Jason decides that he’s going to go get them. The lifeguard that’s there says that he shouldn’t go, but Jason doesn’t listen. I stay behind as Jason lowers himself on a wooden platform. I ask the lifeguard why he shouldn’t have gone, and the lifeguard says to look in the water. A shark’s dorsal fin pokes out the top. OH NOS!

I go down on the platform to distract the shark, and it comes at me. It pokes it’s head up out of the water, and it’s not a shark at all, it’s a dolphin! We all laugh heartily, and the dolphin pummels the hell out of Jason Alexander.

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