Dream 02.08.08

Schroe Dot Org (1:41:34 PM): Um, yeah, so I saw a death sequence dream.
J Jorenko (1:41:54 PM): Do tell
Schroe Dot Org (1:43:37 PM): Rapist dude came back again, but this time was very very violent, so I kinda died.
J Jorenko (1:43:51 PM): :o
Schroe Dot Org (1:44:02 PM): Before I died, though, you came in and found me
J Jorenko (1:44:09 PM): This is a disturbing series of dreams
Schroe Dot Org (1:44:20 PM): I was one the ground all bloody and stuff, saying, “Kill me,” but you didn’t wanna :-(
J Jorenko (1:45:23 PM): :-(
Schroe Dot Org (1:45:49 PM): So after a slow and painful death, I ate cheese. Wait, no, the souls started crawling out of me, Desu first. Desuhasami’s wings popped up and she got to her knees like someone getting up off the ground would. She stepped out of the way, and the other souls followed: Scissors, then Azula (who gave you a nasty look), then Kerin (who scurried off to a corner straight off) then Boe, then me. I just stood there staring at you, and you were staring at me and crying :-(
J Jorenko (1:48:03 PM): AUGH Stupid dream
Schroe Dot Org (1:48:16 PM): AND THEN Scissors reached over with his big hands and pulled something out of the body. It was a little glowy not-quite-born soul. He handed it to Azula, and she mushed it. Azula handed it to Boe, and Boe rubbed it all over the body’s face. And then they all hopped back in, one at a time
J Jorenko (1:49:38 PM): :O
Schroe Dot Org (1:49:52 PM): And you didn’t want me to go away, you tried to grab onto my soul, but I went in and we were all happy yay
J Jorenko (1:50:13 PM): Yay! And then we went and killed the guy like the bastard dog shit he is!
Schroe Dot Org (1:51:33 PM): YES

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