(After a long period of silence)
[Bane[wc3]> It’s really retarded that you were that mad over a totally legitimate and easy to conquer strategy
[cobra929{WC3}> Let’s see… I can’t move my mouse+lag = no chance to micro.
[Bane[wc3]> You never have a chance to micro
[cobra929{WC3}> Was that supposed to be fun? Was that fun on your end?
[Bane[wc3]> You could have EASILY overcome it
[cobra929{WC3}> Yeah I could have… but it was lose-lose.
[Bane[wc3]> why’s that? You overcome it and then beat me and I lose? if you would have built your own siege or any air I would have been screwed. Not so much by the air but by the catapult
[cobra929{WC3}> That was just… not fun.
[Bane[wc3]> because you didn’t make it fun. Any game can be fun if you play it right. I could argue that me waiting until late late game for you to attack me is not fun because I have no chance of surviving it
[Schroe> …
[cobra929{WC3}> But you do have a chance to survive…
[Bane[wc3]> And you had MORE than a chance to survive that
[Schroe> Capital …
[Bane[wc3]> I didn’t at all expect to see you just sit there and continue to produce more shamans
[Jorenko> Bane, did you do a hunt mass?
[cobra929{WC3}> Yeah well even if I did… I didn’t foresee that being any fun.
[Bane[wc3]> Not really, I did about 6 hunts, 6 archer, 6 talon, 2 ballistae, and kotg. I attacked his peons early game with my kotg and 2-3 archer, and tped out right away
[Jorenko> Legitimate strategy? Yes. Works well for friendly games? NO
[Schroe> I could imagine doing something like that on a massive multi game, but never on a one-on-one.
[Bane[wc3]> and he made a lot of towers to make it so I couldn’t mass hunt or whatever which I don’t really do anymore, and he got mad when I waited outside his base with all my creatures for either him to come out and fight or for me to get an opportunity to attack. Admittedly doesn’t make for the most fun game ever.
[Schroe> Just seems to lame to take out the other player right away.
[Bane[wc3]> You do that all the time in a 1v1. He does it to me a lot. I take out 2 peons…
[cobra929{WC3}> What the hell?
[Schroe> Bane, please shut up.
[cobra929{WC3}> I do?
[Bane[wc3]> Sending wolves in to attack me
[Schroe> Bane, shut it.
[Bane[wc3]> You haven’t in a while but you used to
[Schroe> The animosity in the channel jumped through the roof the moment you came back. So just shut it here, and fight elsewhere, if it’s so sodding important to you.
[Bane[wc3]> that’s because he left bnet right away.
[Schroe> I don’t wanna hear it.
*** Joins: Ettin
[Schroe> ETTIN. Bring the joy back to this room.
*** Parts: Bane

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