Clothes Shopping

I went to bed early last night – early by my usual, that is. 1am. Yay. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach cramps. I don’t know what was causing them, and I really didn’t care. I was so tired that I just changed position in bed and went back to sleep. When my stomach discovered that it could hurt me in that position, I woke, and moved again. I repeated several times, just waking and falling back to sleep.

I finally get up and stay up at about 9am, because the maintenance guys are cutting a hole in the ceiling of my bathroom. It goes nicely with the hold they cut in my closet last week. The bathroom light is full of dust.

I get dressed and head out to Marshall Fields for the group interview. Of course, they tell me that they have nothing to offer me, even though over the phone they loved the fact that I have much food service experience.

So, forget them. Fuck Taco Bell, too. I’ll go get a job elsewhere.

My jeans are ripped. I’ll go to random department stores and shop.
Problem – I’m a size 16. Most stores don’t carry past 15. 15 does not fit me, because I am a size 16.
Dept. Store Solution: Women’s sizes. Those average 18 and up, and a butt fucking-ugly. Christ, just because we may not be the size of a super model doesn’t mean we have to settle for shitty fashion.

On to the fifth store, on the verge of tears, the quote, “All I want are some pants – a decent pair of pants!” repeating in my head.

I go to the second floor of New York and Company clothing store.
I walk to a pile of Flares.
I look at the size of jeans on top of the first pile.


Not only that, they’re petite. I’m short, see.

I head to the checkout excitedly, and grab a leather belt on the way. I set the items on the counter, and the cashier says, “You know, we’re having a two for one sale on jeans and belts.”

One thought: w00t. I dash off to get my doubles, and return. While I was up there, I saw a very pleasing sign – “Show us your student ID and get 15% off!”

And they’re hiring.

So, from NY&C, I got two pair of jeans, two belts, and a job application, all for under 60$.

Oh, and I bought Warcraft III.

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