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I decided to cut class tonight. I didn’t have the work done, so I decide just to not go. There’s no real penalty in it.

I decided to get lunch/dinner at the House of Blues. Since it was dinner time, they had a band up on stage.

I ordered, and waited for my food. Boredom hit me, so I broke out the charcoal and did a portrait of the man on stage playing the electric violin. It looked grrrrreat.

After dinner, I had to use the restroom. The attendant in there looked through my sketchbook and liked my work, and asked if I’d do a portrait of her. I charged her five dollars, and got to drawing.

While I was drawing, another woman came in and looked over my shoulder. She asked if I had a card, and I told her no. She handed me one of her cards.

She works for the House of Blues Hotel. She wants me to call her on Monday and discuss doing artwork for her.


Schroe Dot Org (12:04:09 AM): Some guy hit on me tonight and asked my name. I said “Mrs. Jurack” :P
J Jorenko (12:04:38 AM): Like the sound of that, do you? If not, I’ll just bounce you til you do.


Damn that bitch.

She still hasn’t done her dishes from weeks ago. Not only that, it’s 10:47 AM and she’s drunk off her box of Corona, which she finished by herself this morning.

Mission Hill

The ending of the birthday episode of Mission Hill made me cry. The part where Kevin’s just sitting there alone in the empty house.


Candice used some of my milk without asking. Bitch. And it wasn’t just some. It was HALF THE FUCKING JUG.


Okay, I’m a very lazy, sloppy, messy person, who really doesn’t care if her room looks like a pack of wild geese have been through it

So you know it’s pretty serious when I get pissed about cleanliness issues.

The dishes have been sitting there for five days.


Idiots with Tampons; Dream

Update 1: Retarded fucking roommates should DIE.

Toilet clogs, and Candice is adamant to cling to claiming that it’s not our fault. This arouses suspicion in me, for I am paranoid.

The toilet is clogged again, this morning. Why?

Candice flushes tampons. Tampons clog toilets in old buildings. Candice caused all of this >:|

Update 2: Family friendly dream: Read more


I’m tired, I’ve got a headache, and I’ve got a lot of shit to deal with.

And the one thing that’ll make it allllll better is 250 miles away.

The Amazing running Schroe

[Aqua> It’s that ham show on tv! YAY!
[Geno> ham?
[Aqua> hamtaro!
[Geno> ugh kill it, hamtaro gives good shows a bad name
[Aqua> But it’s too cute. I feel enslaved.
[Schroe> You already ate one billion of his children last night.
[Schroe> …
* Schroe runs away.
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It has often been my theory that if you don’t go outside, nothing will go wrong.
Then I moved to Chicago.

Whatever the reason, clog in the system, too much water in the pipes, or maybe my toilet was magically clogged without anyone using it – The toilet overflowed.

I’m not talking about “Filling to high and evening out.”

I’m talking “Filling to high, overflowing, and soaking the carpet in a five foot radius of the door, and even more in the foam padding under the carpet.” Read more