Not Racist

Schroe Dot Org (1:58:26 AM): “Daniel” is the shitface who gives me trouble. He was doing it again tonight.
J Jorenko (1:58:40 AM): At TB?
Schroe Dot Org (1:58:44 AM): Yes. Threatened to file a grievance against me, just because I asked him to make one fucking taco supreme while he was standing around doing shit and I was cleaning my line.
J Jorenko (1:59:37 AM): Dear arse.
Schroe Dot Org (1:59:49 AM): It took him five minutes to make it.
J Jorenko (1:59:49 AM): If he’s wrong, what the hell can that do, anyway?
Schroe Dot Org (1:59:53 AM): Nothing.
J Jorenko (1:59:57 AM): Good.
Schroe Dot Org (2:00:40 AM): While he was making it, another order came up. And he just stood there, doing nothing, again. And I was still cleaning. Everyone else was just standing around, too.
J Jorenko (2:01:14 AM): Jebus
Schroe Dot Org (2:01:25 AM): So I tossed aside the broom, washed my hands, put on gloves, and made the goddamned order, because they’re all fucking morons, and the manager was on the shitter.
J Jorenko (2:02:03 AM): Grum.
Schroe Dot Org (2:02:10 AM): Why do I have to put up with this shit?
J Jorenko (2:02:52 AM): Because the world sucks. 90% of the population has the IQ of a beet

Schroe Dot Org (2:07:04 AM): This girl at work, Venita, was bitching to the manager that she shouldn’t have to listen to me, because I’m white  I told her that I’m Canadian. She had no idea how that made any difference.
J Jorenko (2:09:36 AM): Tell her what your Dad said: “More white people died freeing the slaves than died to take down Hitler,” or words to that effect.
Schroe Dot Org (2:10:09 AM): Yeah.
J Jorenko (2:10:25 AM): I really want to use that someday
Schroe Dot Org (2:11:35 AM): me too.

Please note, I am not racist. I have nothing against people of different ethnic backgrounds. I do, however, have a strong disliking of people who think I need to treat them different, or that they can treat me different, because of their ethnic background.

See, I have this strang idea that we’re all human beings.

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