Dream 02.07.08

*recalls a dream*
There was this bit of space that was perfectly empty. Outer space, that is.

And it moved.

We (Jorenko and I) were sitting at a train yard and watching the nothing. They’d predicted the end of the world, so we decided to watch the nothing attack and destroy us all. The nothing moved across the sky, consuming anything near it. After a while, it stopped consuming things, because there was nothing near enough to it to be consumed – it’d entered our solar system.
It moved across the night sky, blacking out stars for a moment as it passed by. We watched, and I remember holding a wine glass. The earth turned in reverse as the nothing passed, as if it dragged us slightly in it’s wake. We could now see the Sun, and we saw the nothing attack it.
Once straight through it. The yellow had a darkened orange hole in it now. The nothing struck again, this time on the outer edge of the sun. It looked as if it were a cookie with a bite out of it and a finger poked into the icing. The nothing hit it one more time, and the sun flattened. It was like a flaming shock wave in the sky.

On it’s final pass, the nothing then went straight for the moon, and swallowed it whole. I had turned to watch the nothing hit the moon. I held up the wine glass as if in a toast. The shock wave from the sun incinerated me, then after it passed, the world froze.

I was wearing a white shirt, with a single ruffle collar. And blue jeans.

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