Dream 02.07.05


I find myself in a hospital bed. The doctor was about to perform surgery on me to remove eggs for donation. (I had read an ad for egg donation earlier this week, and it pays $5000) The doctor asks me if I’m ready, and I say sure. As he comes at me with the knife, I stop him. He then says, “There is no anesthesia for this operation.” He proceeds with the operation, all the while I’m screaming. Eventually, I pass out from the pain. I wake up in the waiting room, in the hospital gown. I start sobbing, wailing for my mother, but everyone ignores me. I sit in the crowded waiting room alone.


The first I recall of this dream, I was sitting on an Iron Dragon type hanging, swinging roller coaster. I’m the only one on it, because the park is closed, and I can make it work without other people there. As I’m riding, I notice arrows striking the ground. They then strike the coaster I’m on, and I pull up a blanket to protect myself from them. None hit me, though many are aimed at me. I grab one and look at it. It’s a mahogany shaft with obsidian tips.
When the firing subsides, I make my way back home, which is with a doctor and his wife. They live in a small, yet well-furnished home. From the decor, I determine that the time is in the 1800’s.
I tell the older couple what has happened, and they brush it off as another fanciful story of their adopted child.
I pout and sit in my bed when they tell me it’s time to sleep for the night. I have a small, low-to-the-ground cot with many large, fluffy blankets. Eventually, I fall asleep.
I’m awaken by a strange light. The glowing is about a foot diameter, originating from two parallel orangish lines, about five inches long each. I follow it around the house, and it goes all over, slowly and seemingly without a pattern.
The light goes into the study, where the doctor keeps his books. The light stops in the middle of the room.
I’m suddenly grabbed by two large, invisible hands. They pull me toward the light as I struggle and scream. “COME BACK TO YOUR FATHER,” the light bellowed. The hands pulled me to the light and it began to burn me. I screamed two ways now: with terror and with pain.
My adopted parents came down the stairs, and the light let go of me, and vanished. They found me on the floor of the study, flaming, and the bookcase beside me was beginning to singe from my flames.
They threw water on me to put out the fire, and put me on the table to treat me if I needed it.
My flesh was fine, but I was frightened and in pain. I curled in the arms of the doctor, and cried.

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