Dream 02.06.21

In one of the many dreams last night, I was playing an RTS. The warriors were little Scissors looking people. They had red robes on, with little blue markings to indicate they were on the blue team. They carried maces as their main weapon.

After looking at my warriors for a bit, I rotated the map – The map was 3d and spherical. I directed my warriors to the mountains north of my base camp, and had them populate it. As I dealt with the northern encampment, I left my southern city to develop on it’s own, which it did. It prospered fairly, the generators making more and more people. The only thing I had to do was instruct them to build different generators. After a while, I had a generator that made large floating jelly-fish that would explode on contact, making them pretty darn cool for preliminary attacks.

So I did so. And they attacked my southern city. I started building walls around the only entrance to the Northern encampment

Then I woke up.

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