Comp 2 continued

[Continuing from the previous list]

6. Grif. He walked me home tonight because of recent events. Not really events, just annoying little things – someone grabbing my arm and me kicking him off on my way home from work once. Someone followed me home once. Stuff like that. I haven’t been hurt at all.

Grif walked up to me while I was walking home, and grabbed my arm. I didn’t recognize him right away, so he got a swift kick from me. He didn’t get upset, because he realized that he did startle me. He offered to walk me home, which is fine by me. Joshua had said he was trustworthy before, and, as I now realize, Josh had also asked Grif to watch out for me.

While walking, we ran into people Grif knows . . . I should mention that Grif knows everyone. Grif has a lot of people, and they’re the kind of people I like. Loyal. Honest. Realistic. Gang mentality isn’t all bad.

7. Cork Board. I’m not feeling the love here, people. I put effort into this, and when the amount of effort returned isn’t high enough, I lose interest.

[To be continued]

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