Archive for July 29th, 2002

Running down the list:

1. Jorenko came out for the weekend. I called off “Sick” from work. I really was sick on Sunday, though.

2. They want proof I was sick. If they’d like to pay for my medical bills, I’ll get their sodding doctors note, but as it stands, I cannot afford it. I can, however, afford to not have a job at Taco Bell.

3. Why can I afford to not have a job at Taco Bell? It interferes with homework. I would like to get things done without having to stress.

4. Once I get things done, I will play games. Such as Pump It Up. Woohoo, workout.

5. Go to hell, fast food.

The Stampede

Schroe Dot Org (10:39:45 PM): Your impressions of Otakon, in 7 words or less!
Cammiluna (10:42:58 PM): vash vash vash vash vash vash vash!
Schroe Dot Org (10:43:22 PM): GOOD CHOICE!