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IRC quote

[01:38] * TheNintenGenius eats Jell-O pudding, fully clothed. That isn’t quite as interesting as dancing nude in lime Jell-O, but I don’t care.


Bah, Xface, you didn’t allow replies :\

From your post, yes, your parents do seem to be gits, but I can’t make an opinion or take sides. I don’t know the whole story.

“But it just burned…it burned like chlorinated water…why do my tears burn?” & “Also, my eyes burn. Crying made them sore. Stupid tears.”

Not to sound insensitive, but that’s prolly too much salt in your tears. Drink more water.

Running down the list:

1. Jorenko came out for the weekend. I called off “Sick” from work. I really was sick on Sunday, though.

2. They want proof I was sick. If they’d like to pay for my medical bills, I’ll get their sodding doctors note, but as it stands, I cannot afford it. I can, however, afford to not have a job at Taco Bell.

3. Why can I afford to not have a job at Taco Bell? It interferes with homework. I would like to get things done without having to stress.

4. Once I get things done, I will play games. Such as Pump It Up. Woohoo, workout.

5. Go to hell, fast food.

The Stampede

Schroe Dot Org (10:39:45 PM): Your impressions of Otakon, in 7 words or less!
Cammiluna (10:42:58 PM): vash vash vash vash vash vash vash!
Schroe Dot Org (10:43:22 PM): GOOD CHOICE!

Corkies 22

Originally done when I was still in Chicago, so the entry has been back-dated to half a million years ago.
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lub u

I lub Jorenko.

Jessie woke me up this morning, “Amanda, your boy’s here.”

*up, glomp, ;_;*


Alright, they got a DDR knock off at Dennis’ Place For Games (if you aren’t aware, this is the arcade I hang out at way too much.). I’ll be spending way too much time there, playing Pump it Up.


J Jorenko (2:33:42 PM): I’m back
J Jorenko (2:34:01 PM): But I’m gonna BRB, I need to get a washcloth
Schroe Dot Org (2:34:30 PM): … Warcraft is THAT good, eh?
J Jorenko (2:36:56 PM): I managed to soak it up with random paper towels that were nearby, but it was still sticky

[This is taken completely out of context. He spilled Code-Red. Or so he says.]

Dream 02.07.25

I remember waking at 7AM thinking how it was odd that I could have such a detailed, intense dream in such a short time.

It was winter in a city, and my mother and I were walking on the streets. We had just left an ice show, so it was in the evening. She and I were both well dressed, with fur-lined coats and gloves. My mother carried, in addition to her purse, a plastic bag and a camera bag. I walked slightly behind her with no bags, but my Leatherman multi-tool attached to my belt, and the camera in my pocket.

A homeless man approached my mother, asking her for change. “Let me check,” she said, and glanced into her plastic bag. “Sorry, sir, I have no spare change.” Read more

What Women Want

“I think the reason straight guys like enormous schlongs, apart from the whole bigger = more powerful and more potent thing, is that it’s an easy answer to Freud’s unanswerable question: what do women want? The real answer is too hard. Women want you to be independent but emotionally available. They want you to be attached but not smothering. They want time and attention, and also some time alone. They want you to grow and change with them. They want you to be all kinds of things, and it’s going to be a different list for every woman, and that list is always subject to change without notice.”