i r home


Going home was great, but I like it out here. There’s just so much more to do.

Remembering the day in reverse:

Night’s planning to crash at his friend’s house in Chicago and visit me on the side, rather than crash at my place and visit his friend.

Cammi shall phone me some time soon.

My new roommate, Candice, is a gamerchick. Not as ‘hardcore’ as me, but at least she knows what a Meph Run is. She talks a lot, but at least it isn’t about stupid shit like Amy.

Amy’s scheduled to arrive tomorrow to get her stuff. Candice is going to call Jake to bring the lease in for her to sign. :]

I go in to Taco Bell in Wrigleyville tomorrow to fill out papers.

Pride Day. Gay and Lesbian Pride Day. While walking to the TB, I was hit on repeatedly by cute butch girls. None of them had hair like I like it, but I was still nice back. If one of them looked like Jo, I’d have kissed her :D

I missed the parade. I was too busy sitting on a bus waiting for the parade to pass. I was on a bus because I had just gotten back today from home.

The train was over an hour late leaving Toledo, and we arrived at 12:45 in Chicago. I spent two hours on the 151 bus.

The train was overbooked. The 3 dead headers from Toledo were seated in the cafe car. They weren’t to happy about it, but were quickly reminded that they aren’t paying for the ride.

Jorenko spent the night at my house. We slept about 3-4 hours. I was packing and stuff, and I started playing with this music/jewelry box. I played the music, and it made me cry. “I like to see you cry. It tells me you aren’t really a stone-cold bitch,” says Jorenko. :*] (crying schroe*smirk)

I like stuff.

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