CravingASnowCone: my cousins dog always trying to hump my leg 0.o
adorable nookie: O.o
CravingASnowCone: not anyone else…just me. it’s annoying
SignOfTheDonut: You should sue for sexual harassment
CravingASnowCone: take em fir all his bones
SignOfTheDonut: Send him to the doghouse
CravingASnowCone: he’d be someone else’s bitch
SignOfTheDonut: Dogs think they’re so damn special, just because they have four legs!
Schroe Dot Org: They’re only special when they have three.
CravingASnowCone: throw the ball into the freeway and watch them hustle
Schroe Dot Org: Let’s make them special. Take one of THEIR legs.
CravingASnowCone: yes
Schroe Dot Org: And show them how humping’s REALLY done.
CravingASnowCone: xD

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