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I’ll kill you.

i r home


Going home was great, but I like it out here. There’s just so much more to do.

Remembering the day in reverse:

Night’s planning to crash at his friend’s house in Chicago and visit me on the side, rather than crash at my place and visit his friend.

Cammi shall phone me some time soon. Read more

Eggplants love everyone

Go look here now and be pleased.

Eggplants love everyone EXCEPT C PROGRAMMERS.


CravingASnowCone: my cousins dog always trying to hump my leg 0.o
adorable nookie: O.o
CravingASnowCone: not anyone else…just me. it’s annoying
SignOfTheDonut: You should sue for sexual harassment
CravingASnowCone: take em fir all his bones
SignOfTheDonut: Send him to the doghouse
CravingASnowCone: he’d be someone else’s bitch
SignOfTheDonut: Dogs think they’re so damn special, just because they have four legs!
Schroe Dot Org: They’re only special when they have three.
CravingASnowCone: throw the ball into the freeway and watch them hustle
Schroe Dot Org: Let’s make them special. Take one of THEIR legs.
CravingASnowCone: yes
Schroe Dot Org: And show them how humping’s REALLY done.
CravingASnowCone: xD

Lunch with Q

I went to lunch with Q today, and one of the first things she said to me was, “You… You’re short!”
I’m about eye level with her when I have my tall-shoes on.
I wore my sandals today.

Hot or Not 2

My profile and photo have been rejected on Hot or Not for the following reasons:

“You are wearing lingerie, underwear, etc” (tank top over fishnet)
“You look like you are under 18. ” (I’m 19)

Hot or Not

Friend from school, Q, put herself on Hot or Not and is getting 6.9 for her head-shot. That’s pretty good for just a head shot. People who vote on there are picky about the girls (read: they want to see breasts)

I decided (on encouragement from Jorenko) to put up a shot of me in a semi-goth outfit. HOORAY

tee hee

I got free tokens at the arcade today because the attendant thinks I’m cute. :]


We’re all in it together, kid.

Brazil is the greatest movie of all time. I’ve loved it for a long time. It’s simply amazing, and I think I’m going to have to watch it again.

And again.


Where hearts were entertaining June
We stood beneath an amber moon
And softly whispered, “Someday soon”
We kissed and clung together then
Tomorrow was another day
The moonlight found us miles away
still a million things to say
I will return to old Brazil


Bishop, the Bishouen Chopstick!