My Chao

Dark Garden

Tiny – Eldest chao, belongs to Shadow. He’s purplish-black, and had a unicorn tail with dragon wings for the longest time. He used to wear an eggshell on his head, until Sonic bounced it off of him. Then he wore a pumpkin. Now he doesn’t have a helmet because he’s much cooler looking without it. Tiny eats. A lot. He usually ups 3-4 stamina levels in one sitting, and then he sleeps for a very long time. When he’s not sleeping or eating, Tiny is trailing Shadow everywhere he goes, and always smiling cutely, begging for attention. When another character is tending to their chao, Tiny will often stand back and watch, possibly wondering why he’s not being minded.

Spike – Eggman’s chao. Spike likes to be shaken by Eggman and only eggman. If Sonic picks him up, Spike proceeds to hit him and gnaw on his arm. Spike is being raised only on Chaos Drives. No animals for him. He’s a grey chao with red wings, and is not yet mature.

Bhlaab – Bhlaab, onced named Echo, belongs to Rouge. He was renamed because he was once caught hitting himself in the head repeatedly for no explicable reason. He is a brown chao who is only given parrots, because parrots are cool. Bhlaab gets beat up a lot.

Hero Garden:

Bubbles – second oldest chao, currently footless. Bubbles belongs to Sonic, and has been noted to bow at new people. She loves to fly around the garden, and doesn’t do much else. Recently, Bubbles and Tiny were given heart-fruit, and produced an egg. A rather humorous note about the chao-bounce session – afterward, Bubbles had a tired look on her face, and Tiny had a “^_^” face.

Blossom – Blossom is a red-chao belonging to Knuckles, and she’s a little brat. She stole a dragon that was meant for Bubbles one time.

Bucket – “Buttercup” is too long. Besides, Bucket is ten times better. Bucket belongs to Tails.

Chao Garden:

Three neutral babies – Soup, Salad, and Sandwich (Sammich). Salad is the child of Tiny and Bubbles.

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