HQotD 05/28/2002

Schroe 5/28/2002 23:05:58

  1. Queen Mew = 15
  2. Spacecow = 14
  3. Canjo = 12
  4. Big E = 11
  5. TNG = 11
  6. TIM = 10
  7. Ettin = 8
  8. Stychard = 4
  9. bhlaab = 3.3
  10. Yumblie = 2.5
  11. Canard = 2.2
  12. Jorenko = 1.8
  13. Radish = 1.5
  14. Farsight = 1
  15. Mike = 1
  16. Mortuus = 1
  17. schnorks = 1
  18. HappyBob = .5
  19. Cammi = .3
  20. Cowman = .3
  21. Tirlas = .3
  22. ZRaven = .2

Anyone who wants an @schroe email address, email me your user and pass, and then log in using http://www.schroe.org/webmail

I have no more internet access at home, the connection is too shitty. I only get online at school.

and now, time to boost my ego.


Stychard 5/29/2002 0:06:59

George: Hey, Brian, how has The Cork Board helped you?
Brian: Well, George, I’ve had an increase of 12% profit sharing!
George: Almost the same goes for me! I’ve had a kidney transplant and 20 miscarriages! EVEN THOUGH I’M A GUY, TOO!!!
Brian: . . . hooray. . .
George: Anyway, the best way to see how The Cork Board has helped Stychard is to ask him. How has it, Stych?
<Stychard> I as ele me a ls, I like meei all e ele a maki u ess! (inspired by mIRC chat with DJ, Jeff, SpaceCow, Mewmewtwo45, and others)

The NintenGenius 5/29/2002 0:53:10

OK, time to be honest for a change.

The Cork Board’s helped me in a lot of ways. First, it’s definitely helped hone my skills as a writer. I’ve went from a halfway decent writer to a slightly better than halfway decent writer. In the early days, I wrote for points, and now I write for the sake of writing, that’s the only real difference between my writing now and then.

The other real thing it’s helped me with is that here, I feel at home. It’s a place I can go to and be myself, talk about things that I like to talk about, that sort of thing. (then again, I usually never start any threads of my own, so that’s kinda not true, but you know what I mean) Besides, I’ve met a lot of people here that I would consider friends, and a few very good ones at that. (Queen Mew, for example, since ####, I might as well do a bit of name dropping)

And finally, it’s changed how I am as a person. I’ve went from a slightly immature newbie idiot to the more mature and rational idiot I am now.

It’s probably helped me in other ways too, but those are the real big things I can think of.

Canard 5/29/2002 2:54:30

The Cork Board has helped me have fun with it’s fun little posting games!
It helped me learn how to type!
It helped me to remember why I hate school!
It helped me. . . . it helped me entertain myself when I’m bored!
It helped me remember the joy of procrastination!
It’s taken me to the highest of highs!
It’s taken me to the lowest of lows!
And above all. . .
It’s helped me learn how to piss Schroe off

Spacecow 5/30/2002 0:17:12

Well, it’s kept me away from other sites that worship even scarier people. . .
[edit] Oh yes, it’s also taught me that there’s no shame from coming in second place.

Queen Mew 5/31/2002 2:24:11

“Well, there it is.” The celebi pointed his wing/arm toward a building somewhere in the distance. He smiled slightly. “You can live there for now, Princess.” A slightly younger, fully cat Mew looked at the as-of-then single building, standing about a half mile off.

“Are you sure this is it, Ayin? I mean it’s kinda. . . .grey. Yeah, grey. And. . . big. Are you sure about this whole deal?” The cat looked at the ground and pawed it, tears beginning to form in her eyes. Ayin, the celebi, turned around and floated to the ground. He walked over to the mew and put his arms on her shoulders.

“Karura, please listen to me. You know that if there was another way to keep everyone in Johto and Kanto safe, I’d do it. But frankly, I think this is the best thing for you. You’ll be safe enough, and you’ll get a fresh start. You needn’t let what’s happened hang over your head.”

The mew finally let herself cry. “I want to go home, Ayin! Why didn’t you and the others do something before it came down to this? Have I just become a danger, a tool? Something you have to keep locked away and hidden to save yourself? I don’t even understand WHY and I don’t even know who or what I am anymore. . . .” Karura trailed off and pulled Ayin into a tight hug before she continued. “Maybe Gimel and the others were right. Maybe you were wrong, Ayin. Maybe I am a mistake. . . ” She couldn’t say anymore.

The celebi pulled Karura away from him and forced her to look straight at him. “What’s done is done. And you are not a mistake. The real mistake would be trying to change things back. You mustn’t think of yourself that way. One day, everything will turn out okay. You might even be the one to fix things. But for now, stay here, alright? I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“Okay.” The cat smiled, because she knew Ayin, although powerful, could do nothing once he returned back to their home dimension. She didn’t know what was giving her a sudden good feeling.

“There ya go!” Ayin flew back up in the air and pointed at the distant building. “The place is called the Corkie Commune. I’ve already made arrangements with the lady in charge. You’ll be staying more or less permanently, until you get older and decide to go and do what you wish. However, if the reports I hear about it are true, it may be quite an interesting place to live. . . ” He turned to grin at his friend. She still didn’t look too happy. Ayin sighed and pulled her stuff into the dimension they were in from the place they were in, which was all too easy with Karura gone. He gave the few items to her. “Karura. I think you’ll find that I didn’t choose this place randomly. I have several reasons, but my power’s running low. I’ll have to leave you here. You’ll just have to trust my judgement here. I probably won’t see you again for a very long time, Karura. Just remember I never doubted you for a minute.” He bowed to her. “I suppose you’d be queen now? At any rate, I wish you well, Karura.”

Karura really smiled now. “Yeah. . . try to take care of everthing, alright?”

“You have my promise.” With that, Ayin the celebi faded back into the pokemon dimension. The small cat picked up her things and walked toward her new home, wondering what was to become of this.

Karura slowly woke up from her memory-dream. She half expected to still be entirely mew, and went through a half-second of shock at her half-human form. Karura shook it off, while remembering the reality of her dream. While it brought back a touch of sadness, it did make her realize something she almost forgot about.
“Thank you, Ayin.”

Ettin 5/31/2002 8:57:12

Well. . .
I bought some pins and I stuck things on it.

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