Dream 02.05.27

I just recited part of the dream to Jorenko not to long ago. After he left to go move his car, I remembered more.

I was at an EHS football game, setting up a destruction derby in a garage. People were crowding in to watch, and we had two contenders who were going to smash each other to bits. Jorenko was one of the drivers, and he was dressed as Neo from the Matrix. His vehicle was a dingy silver-colored viper. The other driver I didn’t know, but his car was a red sleigh.

There were four sliding garage doors, and I went outside to shut them all. While I was doing this, I heard the people inside yelling about something. I went in as I shut the last one, and saw that everyone had left, including Jorenko’s opponent. A new person had arrived … Matt.

I hate it when Matt’s in my dream. He ruins things. Now, the only people left in the garage were Jorenko, Matt, Squee, and I. We were then told we weren’t allowed to make any more noise. Squee decided that we should work in teams – one person steer, the other push. For whatever reason, I ended up pushing Jorenko’s car, and Squee pushing Matt’s … plywood on wheels.

After that had ended, we went our separate ways. I went walking around a town and picked up two people as friends. One was a druggie (Male), the other was an ex-cop (Female). The druggie suggested that we go someplace, but the ex-cop didn’t want to because she was wearing a valuable pearl necklace. The druggie insisted that she’d be fine, no one would steal it there. He was so sure of this that he offered to buy her a replacement if it was stolen.

It was stolen. After the party thing we went to, the druggie went to all his contact’s houses to get ahold of it. The first one he went to, he said, “I’ll get you something better than pearls – it’ll look just like emeralds!”

Five minutes later, he came out holding a strip of starburst hard candies, all green, in wrappers. We told him how stupid he is and moved on, eating candy.

The next house had a garden. A very special garden of weed. The druggie instructed the cop to go in and ask the person inside about the necklace. He and I stayed outside and he told me all the different types of marijuana that were growing out there. Then he started to pick some for himself.

I went inside the house and saw the ex-cop talking to a very fat man, who was blond, and didn’t feel like wearing clothes that day. He didn’t know where the pearls were, so we left. After that, I parted ways with those two, and went home.

For whatever reason, home was a combination of my aunt’s and grandmother’s house. The lower floor was my aunt’s, but when you went upstairs, it was my nana’s.

I go inside, and there’s some guy waiting for me. His young son is there as well. (This part reminds me of Jengo/Boba from Ep II.) The dad (Who was not Jengo) comes at me with a knife, and I grab one for myself. The son is on the stairs watching. We fight for a bit, and he ends up knocking the knife out of my hand. He pushes me onto the couch in the room we were fighting in, and puts the knife to my neck.

Instead of slitting my throat, he starts cutting off my shirt, working his way to the rest of my clothing, too. I was scared out of my mind because of what he was going to do, but instead he called over his son and told him to strip. The son was about fifteen years old. The dad leaves the room. While the son is undressing, I grab a dagger from the shelf, and cut off his penis.

I run up the stairs after the father and find him lying on a bed. I jump on top of him and slit his throat.

It was pretty messy, and I had to call the cops. I called Jessie upstairs, but told her not to look in the rooms. I then told her that she needed to go, since I was going to call the police, and she didn’t know anything that they’d want to find out. She said, “Can it wait until I finish making lemonade?” I told her she had ten minutes to get out of the house.

I walked downstairs to tell the others, and I saw schnorks there (the person, not the underwater creature). He was talking on a cell phone, but the phone was taken apart. He held it together by putting it in a TV Guide. He wasn’t paying attention to me telling him to get out.

Then Jorenko moved and I woke up.

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