Dream 02.05.19

Half-life crossed with … Chao.

Jorenko, Bane, a few other people and I were playing Half-Life. The map we were one was the same one from a previous dream, but that dream was Quake III.

The player model Jorenko was using was Neo from the Matrix, and, for whatever reason, I was using a fireman in black with the yellow stripe. I can’t remember what Bane was using or any of the other players.

Jorenko kept chasing me and only me around, so I decided to change the player model so he wouldn’t find me easily. I hid, and changed the look to the little fish from SA2 that you can give to your chao.

While I was flopping around with a crowbar, I went to get the Tau cannon from a hidden spot in the level. I walked down the path, and dropped down a hole, carefully missing the second hole to doom below.

I got the cannon and was trying to make my way back up, but I was constantly interrupted by the gits trying to get the cannon. I was labeled a camper, but they simply weren’t giving me the chance to get up and out of there.


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