Dream 02.05.08

The first dream I remembered until five minutes ago, when Amy decided that she needed to make a phone call with the cordless phone in the room I’m sleeping in, even though the other two large rooms were empty.

The second dream began with the end of everything as we know it. And then, everything became based on color. Old religion was gone, and instead, people worshiped the God of Red, god of Black, etc. People would dress accordingly to their faith. Jorenko and I worshiped the god of Blue, which makes much sense. We often fought with the God of Yellow’s people. We were allies with the God of Black’s people. And, for whatever reason, I was the leader of the Blue peoples. Jorenko and I bounced a lot in this dream, but that’s to be expected since I miss him so damned much.

First dream had something to do with Alan, a guy in my classes at school. I still can’t remember a damned thing . . . And Amy’s asking if she can use my hairbrush. She’s lost hers, and instead of looking for it, she wants to use mine.

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