Being female sucks.

Men bitch about girls being so bitchy, yet, quit honestly, IT IS NOT SOMETHING WE CAN ALWAYS CONTROL.

I’m not saying that bitchiness can’t be intended, I’m just saying that PMS is a serious issue that happens to every girl, and in varying degrees, sometimes causing unwarranted hostility.

And we can’t help it.

But you, the people around the girl, can.

How? By not pissing her off, of course!

1. No matter how much of a bitch she is to you, keep your cool. Her pissy attitude is caused by hormones. Yours is a mental reaction to hers. Who do you think has more control over their emotions right now? I know very well that most of what I say is in haste, and I may take it back or regret it later. You, however, will mean it.

2. Do not say anything that she would ever take as an insult. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. I don’t wear make-up. When I do, I look better. I know this. But what pisses me off is the extreme liking that people have to my looks in make-up, because it makes my previous look inadequate. Fuck you.

3. Do what she says, to the best of your ability. Chances are, most of the demands will be reasonable, and within your power to do. If they’re not, then move on to number 4. Is it so fucking hard for someone to start a new character in diablo? Apparently too hard for the lamers, but not too hard for the people who are considerate of the other new characters!

4. Fucking listen. I know damned straight that when I get PMS, I get ranty. I will find one person to be my scratching post, and I usually pick a person who’ll listen.

5. If she doesn’t care, the response will be negative. “I am neither elated nor angry at that comment. I just have no response other than ‘Fuck you.'”

Oh, and don’t forget.

Go fuck yourself, you cock sucking son of a bitch. The night would have gone so well if you hadn’t fucking pissed me off. Too bad, eh?

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