Schroe Dot Org (2:04:18 AM): I want to be 23 forever.
ettin64 (2:04:36 AM): You live in America. That can be arranged. You could freeze yourself or something
Schroe Dot Org (2:05:06 AM): I want to be 23 and not frozen. Forever.
ettin64 (2:05:19 AM): And you’d come out in the year 3000 and you’d see me with my head in a jar. And you’d be like “HAR HAR” and I’d be like “I am the President :OOOO”
Schroe Dot Org (2:05:46 AM): And then I’d kick you and break the jar. And I’d be all “haw haw” n shit
ettin64 (2:06:15 AM): And you’d be like *smashies* and I’d be like “Oh no *dies*” and the cops would be like “YOU ARE UNDER ARREST” And the AOLers wouldd all be like “omfg the prez died” “lol”

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