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Manivane rules. She made din din for me

Street Artists

I met some artist on the street. He was selling prints and stuff. He let me look through his sketchbook.

He had some Squee fanart :O

In case you were wondering

I like cheeses.

My Chao

Dark Garden

Tiny – Eldest chao, belongs to Shadow. He’s purplish-black, and had a unicorn tail with dragon wings for the longest time. He used to wear an eggshell on his head, until Sonic bounced it off of him. Then he wore a pumpkin. Now he doesn’t have a helmet because he’s much cooler looking without it. Tiny eats. A lot. He usually ups 3-4 stamina levels in one sitting, and then he sleeps for a very long time. When he’s not sleeping or eating, Tiny is trailing Shadow everywhere he goes, and always smiling cutely, begging for attention. When another character is tending to their chao, Tiny will often stand back and watch, possibly wondering why he’s not being minded.
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Dream 02.05.28

Dream 1 involved SA2. Big surprise.

Dream 2, Jorenko and I were walking around Chicago and to the lake. There was a war going on between two gangs, and they were actually planning it well. Instead of just random hits and such, they had strategically plotted the elimination of each other.

It was kinda fun to watch, since they both succeeded.

Dream 02.05.27

I just recited part of the dream to Jorenko not to long ago. After he left to go move his car, I remembered more.

I was at an EHS football game, setting up a destruction derby in a garage. People were crowding in to watch, and we had two contenders who were going to smash each other to bits. Jorenko was one of the drivers, and he was dressed as Neo from the Matrix. His vehicle was a dingy silver-colored viper. The other driver I didn’t know, but his car was a red sleigh.

There were four sliding garage doors, and I went outside to shut them all. While I was doing this, I heard the people inside yelling about something. I went in as I shut the last one, and saw that everyone had left, including Jorenko’s opponent. A new person had arrived … Matt.
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He can’t be real


This is Dragoon Diddy, sending you a couple pics that are related to the Domino’s Pizza “Free Cheesy Bread” commercial, with a bit of Rareware humor on the side. The first pic features the Cheezy Bread, with eyes like they were from a Rareware game (One of the Cheezy Bread guys says “Rar!”). Another pic features a tub of sauce to dip the Cheezy Bread in, also with Rareware eyes. =P If you like these pics, then I urge you to show them to Cammiluna. Tell her Dragoon Diddy sent them to you, and tell her that my family’s phone line is out of comission until my parents pay $600 to Verizon.

Dragoon Diddy.

That Zoids Guy Again

Fucking Dragoon Diddy is STILL sending me shit to pass on to Cammi.

Fucking retard.


Jesus fucking Christ, she just gets stupider and stupider.

I dail up, so I can upload my homework to my host so that I can download it at school and work on it there.

“Um, could you not got online, I’m waiting for a call from Ben.”

“He’s not going to call in the five minutes or less that it’ll take me to do this.”

“I’m waiting for him to call so I can leave.”
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Christ, I never thought I’d see Jessica as more evil than Amy

Jessica has this grand idea for me to invide schnorks back over here, so she can heavily flirt with him for the soul purpose of making him uncomfortable.