Schroe Dot Org (11:48:28 PM): you = good people
Cammiluna (11:48:56 PM): me = good people = thanks to great people like you

I’ve been overrun by lamers who see me on the users list and instantly think I want to be their friend as much as they want to be mine. They IM me after chats and have absolutely nothing to say. They start a conversation and want me to carry it. I, of course, then lead them to think that I’m not interesting.

They think my interests ride solely on a love of Zim. They think I’m as lame a fannie as them. They think I enjoy making up stories about irken sex, WHEN THERE CLEARLY IS NO SUCH THING. People who refute logic for the sake of making their characters and perverse ideas come forth . . . spoiling a show’s ideas for their own enjoyment. SURE! It’s all in good fun. I don’t find it fun, yet they throw fits when I tell them this after the fifth fecking slash image they’ve shoved in my face in the past three minutes . . .

I hate the way they grope random strangers in the chat, I hate the way they think that’s acceptable, I hate the way they think that everyone else likes it, I hate the way that they expect everyone to instantly love them, and I hate the way they act all sad and broken hearted, or scared out of their minds when they don’t get it. And I especially hate when they act superior. They want everything in the chat to be in character, but, apparently, you’re only being in character if you think being glomped by someone you’ve never talked to is fun.

I also hate people who ply for pity whenever someone says something mean to them. I hate even more the people who flock to them.

Cammiluna (11:55:57 PM): i hate the fact that i oversee such things sometimes and almost (if not actually do) fall into it
Schroe Dot Org (11:56:20 PM): At least you realize that it’s wrong to encourage this sort of behavior.

I remember countless occasions when I’ve done the same in the past. How else would I be able to pick it up so well?

I hate it when people whom I’ve never talked to want to be my beshtest friend ‘cos they know me through someone else or they saw me in a chat once.

Sex art for the sake of Sex is boring. Sex art for the sake of Art is okay. Sex art for the sake of humor is okay. Corrupting a show’s theme, characters, ideas, and plot for the sake of adding your own character is okay, so long as you don’t assume that your idea is the greatest fucking thing on earth and that somehow, you’ll convince the creators of the show of this. Assuming everyone will agree with you is just stupid.

And that, is my 29 cents in life.

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