Dream 02.04.25

Bitch Amy wakes me up by screaming about how she’s late for an interview.

I had a dream I was visiting home, and doing laundry. I folded a pair of socks, and stuffed them into my travel bag. I get dressed into my normal outfit, and put on a coat. Mom and I go somewhere, and drive back in a blue viper. She drops me off at Kroger’s with my satchel, and my Zim lunchbox. I walk around Kroger’s, and it’s suddenly ten times better than it used to be, it’s like a whole mall now, but all the cash registers are in the front. I walk to the back, where the Hot Topic is (in real life, there is no hot topic in Kroger’s) and it’s not there, just the leftover merchandise. Everything’s on clearance. I look for a new lunchbox to hold a digital camcorder I got from my grandmother (Nana has one, but I don’t think I’ll ever get it from her).

I look around the store. I find a Zim patch, a GIR pillow, and other non-Jhonen things everywhere. I find a folder with the picture of Johnny where he’s smiling meekly, trying to look normal. I finally get to the lunchboxes, and there’s two Zim ones. I decide to buy only one, because someone else might want it. The design on the box has Gaz, Devi, and Anne Gwish (in that order) on the front, standing, arms crossed. On the back is a letter to the “Prince” I read the letter:

“Dear Prince of Darkness, on whose head Arizona is a crown,”

Bah, that’s all I can remember. It was something about “Take me from this dreary mortal plane” and the usual lamer-goth stuff. It was probably signed Anne Gwish.

On the sides were various shots of the characters and a line from them. I want it :(

The Hot Topic room turned into a classroom for some reason, with Jorenko, some girl, and I sitting in class. The girl and I talked about our lunchboxes.

The End.

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