Dream 02.04.22

It was a Brazil type dream. I show up for work or something in this large, ornate room with some sort of statue at the center. I never got a good look at it. I was dressed in a long coat and a white swimsuit. Over the swim suit, I had a dress. I headed toward the public unisex bathrooms of the place, and tried to find a stall that had a working toilet. No luck. I went to go leave, but everyone had to leave by walking through this anti-septic pit. It was thick and gooey, and it looked just plain gross. People were in it, struggling their way through. There was a guy at the edge trying to get girls to go through nude or topless. I brushed him off and went through. When I got out, Jorenko was waiting for me. We went into the coat room to get our stuff. While he was searching for his coat and some other thing, I was wiping the goo off my coat and hair. He finally got his stuff, but decided not to wear his coat, even though it was really cold outside. Outside, there was a truck with posters all over the inside, and boxes of them, too. I stole a poster, even though I didn’t know what it said.

Then my alarm went off, because Amy’s using it. She had also stolen my candle. The alarm kept going, because Amy was IGNORING it. She was fully awake, just staring at the ceiling, then, after the alarm goes into it’s faster beeping, she reaches to turn it off. 15 Minutes later, she comes back in the room, sees me typing, and says, “Oh I’m sorry did I wake you up?”

I had a dream earlier about running around my old backyard while wearing a Stony Ridge soccer uniform. My old backyard referring to Southview Estates, back before I’d even heard of Stony Ridge. I went into my room, and started to clean it. My mom yells at me that we’re leaving soon, to go shopping. I brush her off. She comes by a gain five minutes later. She bitches about me not being ready, I tell her I want to clean my room, not shop. She comes by again, five minutes later, and bitches even louder about me not being ready, and I scream, “I WANT TO CLEAN MY FUCKING ROOM.” And she finally leaves me alone.

The last one was about me talking to my dad over the internet, explaining how things work, and why he’s a lamer.

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