Dream 02.04.19

This one was rather strange. All the people were drawn in the Batman the Animated series style, because that’s what it was, a BtAS episode. The Joker killed himself by jumping into a river. Things started to come up missing and other bad things were being done. But it wasn’t the Joker, he was dead!

I went searching around where the Joker took his life, and hooray, I found a secret entrance in the rocks. It was small , and you’d have to be pretty tiny to squeeze in, but I got in. It was part of the sewer system, and it smelled awful.

The Joker was hiding in a surveillance room down the way, and saw me coming. He greeted rather warmly, and kept me in the sewers with him for a while.

Once you got used to the smell, it was nice down there. And the Joker took care of me. I started to leave while he was out, just to get outside. The police had been looking for me, missing persons and all. They spotted me while I was out one night, and followed me back to the bridge that the hideout was hidden under.

I dove into the river, and they thought that they had lost me, until one of them suggested that they check the rocks under the bridge. They looked into the hole that I was hiding in and saw me. I was scared that they had found me, but they took the fear on my face to mean I was traumatized from being kidnapped.

A slender black female officer slid into the secret entrance and followed me deep into the hideout. We walked to the control room, and she began to gather evidence of what was going on, ready to charge me with all the robbery claims. I pointed to the surveillance tapes, and showed that it was the Joker the entire time.

Other cops had shown up now. I told them to grab plastic bags and collect all my toys,

Then I woke up.

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