Dream 02.04.10

Dream one:

Two cats at my grandmothers house . . . a black male, and a calico tabby female. Weirdies. Too long ago to remember more.

Dream two:

Bath tubs and cats drinking from the water?

Dream three:

I was camping, I guess. And it was raining. The roads were flooding, and cammi called me on my cell phone. Q2 called and interrupted my call, which irritated me. Q2 was at the same campground as me for some reason.

There was a scene of Cedar Point in here, the disaster transport. It was flooded O.o

I walked around, and found Q2 just in time to see him fall to his death into the sun roof of a semi.

I was adventuring around a town in nothing but a shirt, socks, panties, and a long coat. My HP was low, so I was beeping (I later discovered the beeping to be my roommates alarm clock that she forgot to turn off) I went to a few stores, and found one that sold only pocky. Pink pocky, blue pocky, chocolate pocky, the works. I wanted to buy some, but I left my money at home. I tried to steal some, but I had no place to hide it.

I finally went back home, and some guy was directing animals into their specified rooms. I told him that my dog will remain outside. I then tried to get into the house, but the lawn to the door was covered in dog droppings. I did a little dance to not step in any.

On another part of the lawn, I realized that the cause of my low health beeping was nothing other than the restraining clothes I was wearing. I then removed my socks and shirt. The beeping hadn’t gone. I started to remove my panties, and the beeping got quieter. I go inside the house, and remove them completely (I still have my long coat on, mind), and the beeping stops.

I have a conversation with the two people in the kitchen, and the dream ends.

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