Dream 02.04.08

It’s strange not being able to just get up and type right when I have the dream, but here is one from last night.

I was in a death match of sorts, it looked JFGish, mainly because I saw Tank-Lupus in it. There were obvious doors and such around this place, and one of the players mentioned that there’s secret doors around. Rather than look around to kill the other players, I searched for the secret rooms.

After a while I found one, and squeezed inside, only to find games. A billion video games! And a TV, and some consoles. I started to play. Playing games is how you got weapons and bonuses. I started with Sonic 2 to get the speed boosts, but I was interrupted.

The players were various Ndork people, studio included. There was this old guy, looked like a bum. Thin, worn, ragged, etc. He came into my room and attacked me while I was playing games, but neither of us had weapons yet. I ended up overpowering him, pinning him to the floor, and suffocating him. (end)

I had a dream earlier last night that I had a part in Les Miserables.

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