Archive for April 16th, 2002


Schroe Dot Org (11:48:28 PM): you = good people
Cammiluna (11:48:56 PM): me = good people = thanks to great people like you

I’ve been overrun by lamers who see me on the users list and instantly think I want to be their friend as much as they want to be mine. They IM me after chats and have absolutely nothing to say. They start a conversation and want me to carry it. I, of course, then lead them to think that I’m not interesting.

They think my interests ride solely on a love of Zim. They think I’m as lame a fannie as them. They think I enjoy making up stories about irken sex, WHEN THERE CLEARLY IS NO SUCH THING. People who refute logic for the sake of making their characters and perverse ideas come forth . . . spoiling a show’s ideas for their own enjoyment. SURE! It’s all in good fun. I don’t find it fun, yet they throw fits when I tell them this after the fifth fecking slash image they’ve shoved in my face in the past three minutes . . .
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