Dream 02.03.31

The last one was about getting home. My whole family was there. So were the Hobbits. Those bloody little bastards were startled easily and would attack me at every turn, and then apologize profusely. They would often trail behind, and would attack me when I was running back. It didn’t hurt much, kind like little paper cuts.

We followed someone’s advice and drove down a road, but the road was only railroad tracks. Bugger. We go back the way we came, and get on a train. Oops, wrong train. We found out it was wrong by riding it out of the playing field and going into the non-textured area of the map. Everything was white. We put the train in reverse and head back.

By now, we’ve given up on getting home. We hang around the train depot for a while, and another train comes. This one has crops on it. The man set to watch the crops is an elderly man, and he’s standing behind a pile of corn. We’ve all climbed up on the side of the crop-car now, and he asks one of us to hand him an ear of corn so he can taste it. My mother hands him one, while the rest of use scramble to steal as much as possible while he’s distracted.

I happen to be leaning over the edge next to crates of potatoes. Mmm, potatoes. I know the crop-man will stop me if I try to take the potatoes, so I wait until the train is moving again. After it gets going, in grab a crate of potatoes and jump off the side of the train. Random people had chased after me, hoping for food, too. They all cheered and followed behind me as I ran back to the depot.

And the little bastard hobbits attacked me. I didn’t spill any potatoes!

Before that was a Power Puff girls dream. There was a mountain from a previous dream in this one. In the previous dream, the mountain was a sheer cliffed mesa, and I had to climb it. As for the Power Puffs . . .

They had a small transformation sequence. A rather large for them gem appeared on their heads, and then, in a flash, they were in new super-hero outfits. They lept into the air and flew around, all the while, the music playing. They flew past a pilot and shouted, “Hi Jimmy!” and he waved. Then they rammed the mountain, and carried it up, up, up . . .

And they dropped it on the unsuspecting giant, knocking him out cold. The camera pans back to view the smoking trail of the fallen mountain . . .

and that’s all!

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