Dream 02.03.28

Gah, that was odd. I’ve only seen 5 minutes of Oni being played, but I dreamt about it.

The scenery was a factory of sorts, the walls of a purple and white blending hues . . .

It started with Oni running down a catwalk and knocking a guy over the edge of it midway. She runs to some hollow container and punches a few buttons, and then climbs on top by way of cloaked ladder. The ladder is barely visible, and we only know it’s there by the light shining off it slightly.

She slips inside the container through a hole in the top, presses more buttons, and steps out the door onto the catwalk.

Running back the way she cam, she comes up to a break in the walk where a hang glider is attached. She sits, spreads the glider, and hops off. She maneuvers through a small hole in the floor and appears outside, some distance above ground.

People below are firing like mad at her as she glides down, but she manages to stay aloft. Finally, she lands in front of a warehouse, and the glider rolls off in the wind. The enemies fire at it, and ignore her. She bolts while she has the advantage.

Off to the left of the warehouse is a thin alley with a single guard positioned in it. She walks carefully through the alley, up to the guard . . . and right passed him.

She starts running again, to a second warehouse, this time, she enters. Inside, there are teams of people carefully searching all areas possible. Oni even more carefully avoids them by hiding around corners and pillars at just the right time.

First it was the brown group, they chatted to each other as they searched, not taking their task seriously. After passing a midsection of solid wall in the warehouse, there was a team of black-armored soldiers who were watching more closely. Oni was more careful to not be caught.

I’m not sure it was worth all her effort as she soon realized that they couldn’t see her at all . . .

End of that dream, on with the other.

I was sick at home for whatever reason, and Isha came to visit. This part of the dream was like a flashback. It would cut back and forth to me talking about her with friends on a bus. In the front of the bus if I was talking to Jorenko, in the back if I was talking to Mike and Andy . . .

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