Dream 02.03.25

I had a dream about JHONEN.

I was at a convention, and he was there. I, of course, joined the massive throng crowding him to praise and ask questions. I finally get up to him, and his first comment is, “You’re small. You’re a very small thing.” I start to ask him something, and he says, “AW ISN’T THAT CUTE!” picks me up, and starts running. He sets me down somewhere, and runs. I run after him. I catch up with him and say, “RED JHONEN IS NOW IT!” and run. He chases. He tackles me, and says, “Blue Schroe is now it.” He keeps his arms around me so I can’t run, and we just sit in a random corner of the convention and talk. For some reason, I’m wearing a shirt with different fruit on it. He starts licking the fruit. I say, “Jhonen, this isn’t a lick’m wall.” He stops and says, “Aww.” I look up, and I say, “Jhonen, have I introduced you to my boyfriend, Jorenko?” and Jhonen was all sad-like.

I had a dream before that, too. I was in my house – this house here, and I was in my room, but it was my brother’s room. My room in the dream, Tony’s room in real life. I look out the south window – it’s a sunny day. Zraven and his little brother are my neighbors, and they’re outside in the driveway. Zraven is teaching his little brother how to smoke. This inspires me to light up my own cigarette, and I notice I’m older than I am. After a while, ZR notices me in the window and waves. I wave back, and toss out my cigarette butt. It almost lands on the Mexican gardener that was trimming the flowers on the side of my house (I do not have a gardener in real life). For some reason, Cammi’s at my window, and I chat with her. We end up walking down to the front door, and she peeks inside, and sees a painting. She asks which mountain range is in the painting, and I reply that it’s fictional. I invite her in to see more.
As we’re looking though paintings and such, I notice the windows and door for the front porch are not the same as at home now. There’s doors and windows that weren’t there before. There’s also fish swimming in the far corner in a pool. Cammi and I stop to play with the goldfish, and Squee joins us. For some reason, the fish swims into a window that lead to the interior of the house (which do exist) implying that not only is the area we’re in full of water, but so is the house. We tell it it’s not allowed there, and it comes back. We start again with the randomly catching the fish and putting it back.
There’s one fish that keeps getting away, he’s special and partially invisible. We try to catch him, and Schroe yells at us, saying that we shouldn’t be mean to that fish. We don’t listen, and we finally catch him. He struggles so much that his special cloaking coating comes off, and he looks very different. Schroe is very disappointed in us. This fish (Which had a name that I can’t recall) then swam into the house. I stick my hand into the window and realize that the interior is not filled with water like the porch. Oops.

(I forgot to mention in the first dream that the game went on for much longer, and he mentions something along the lines of, “YUMBLIE WARNED ME NOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE WEENIES!” and then hid in a locker.)

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