Dream 02.03.24

I just dreamed that I went to Taco Bell and they asked me to work gain, so I said yes, worked for an hour, (at night) and Jorenko ran in to take me away. We ran outside and ran into Matt on the street, and we followed him to Media Play, were he bought something, and we all left.

Then I started making a new campaign using the Darksun: the Shattered Lands game engine (even though that’s not possible) and Jorenko and I entered the game to test it out, and my Elf character died. (They can’t be brought back to life in AD&D 2e)

Jorenko and I met up with Queen Mew and went for a walk in the park, and then I posted the New Q (The dream occurred after the Q was posted) and Jorenko answered it on his laptop and Mew went to another PC to answer. Her PC was below mine in this place, so I leaned over the edge of my floor to look at what she was doing. She wouldn’t have seen me, but my necklace dangled over the edge.


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