Dream 02.03.21

Dream 1 – Pikmin topped tomatos.

Dream 2 – I was walking down a road, when I see people walking around robbing cars, so i turn around and get my car. I hop in and drive. They try to wave me over, I don’t stop, one jumps in the way, and waves his knife. I rev my engine.

He moves, and I drive on for a while. I get through to some corn fields. A group of villagers pile in my way, all brandishing some form of weapon. I can’t run them all over. Someone throws a cigarette into the cornfield and it starts to burn. the villager’s attention is diverted, so I drive on. I stop, park my car, and go back to help them.

When I say villagers, I mean lightly clothed, ragged people who adorn themselves and their weapons with trinkets. There’s an assortment of races in this village.

The fire is put out, but one child dies. I watch them bury him in a white coffin.

Later that night, a girl digs up the coffin and brings it into a building. She opens it, and the child inside is quietly saying, “Help me, help me, mommy, I’m not dead.” She covers him in blue plastic wrap and watches him die (which means I watch him die, too.

She throws his body back into the hole, but not inside the coffin. She throws the coffin on top of him, then throws the dirt back in the hole.


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