Dream 02.03.21

Dream 2.9 –
“And you know what that means, don’t you?”
“Well, I sure as hell don’t, because this is YOUR dream!”

Dream III

I was playing this new game that starred Luigi for some reason, and it took place in a mansion, but it was NOT Luigi’s mansion. The point of the game was to collect certain items to aide you win the final battle, which you could play at any time. The boss was a fire breathing ghost who was holding a little girl hostage in a room.

The rest of the ghosts went about their business as usual, the gardener took care of the lawn, the cooks cooked, etc.

It had to have been a PC game, I was auto-saving by hitting f1 all the time.

Luigi runs into the room of the boss, and up a set of stairs to the bed the girl is kept on. He grabs her, and the ghost is awakened. He appears below the stairs, though, and can’t get up.

Walking around to the other set of stairs, away from the door, Luigi tricks the ghost into going over there, and runs out the door. The door is big enough for the boss to follow, so Luigi grabs the person in that room (possibly Mario) and carries him along with the girl up a set of stairs an into the next room.

In the next room is another person, Luigi grabs them and runs outside. The Boss is slower running than him, so he’s got some lead.

To the right of the entrance was a cart the gardener had brought in, with a riding lawnmower in it. Luigi puts the people in the cart and pushes out the mower, and starts pushing the cart across the massive yard back to where he came from when he first found this place.

He pushes the cart into the fog, and soon realizes that he’s pushing it back toward the house, even though he hadn’t turned at all. He gives the cart one final push and gives up on the game.

— Prior to the game section

The mansion was a school, and some misbehaving students caused the entire place to be cursed, and everyone died – except the student. And it’s the student’s descendant that is the child captured.

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