Dream 02.03.19

I had forgotten most of my dreams last night until I read Ozziepants Cafe, then I remembered a bit.

I was at a college campus. To get to a certain building, one must go down a set of stairs, under ground, then up another set of stairs into the building. Inside the dark room was a desk and books, and many other things that reminded me mansion basement in FF7. The bulk of the dream was a group of people trying to get into the room (I was in this group) while various other groups kept us out. Some of the groups were: The Knights from Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail, Rabid Christian Fanatics, FBI Agents, and the Mafia.

For some reason, I was always the only one who got through.

I woke up, and later dreamed in Diablo II graphics, various wanderings.

I was riding a bike thorugh a city, just doing some shopping, and I was trying to find my way back. I got to a familiar bridge, but the toll collector said I couldn’t take my bags on the trail with me, so he took them, and said they’d be on the other side for me. I ride across the bridge, through the doorway at the end, where I meat with Jorenko and someone else. We look throught the various luggage to find my bags. after much searching, we find them all, and I continue riding away. Someone comgratulates me on being a gas/enviroment saver for riding a bike rather than driving.

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