Dream 02.03.06

Another dream.
For some reason, I was wandering around Stony Ridge Park, and there were haunted houses and such to tour. I had fun in them, yay.

Later, I walked into this place that looked a lot like a dig site, but at the front door was a bunch of people lifting weights. I followed the wall around. The floor looked like a black, rocky waste. At the far end of the room, I can see that it is/was a hangar for aircrafts. There’s a plane right outside these giant doors. Suddenly, there’s a rumbling – a plane is flying low overhead. It jostles something loose in the ceiling, and we wait for it to fall down the chute – it’s a silver toilet. I laugh and walk up the mound of black rock. I see something that interests me – someone’s using magic. Since this entire place seemed to be a training facility of some sort, I decided I wanted to learn to use lightning like I’d seen someone just do. Earlier, I had seen a man showing his apprentice how to fly. I walk up, and poo, it’s not a teacher – it’s a bank. I look inside their vault and see nothing but amethysts. Big, shiny amy’s. My birthstone. I look at the banker and inquire who they belong to. He states that he’s not allowed to tell, but he can take my name as a person who can be told once they’re claimed. I give him my name, and he almost faints. They’re mine, I put them in the bank hundreds of years ago, and no one was permitted to know they were mine until I claimed them. Whee! He gives me the key, and a bowl of shrimp pasta.

I’m hungry.

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