Dream 02.03.03

Bus dropped a few others and myself at some unknown underpass and drove off. We all had sparse packings and little cash on us. We all waited for a ride. (Note: in this dream, I was the blue hair Schroe rather than myself.) I sat and talked to a few people, and really hit it off with this older man (Nothing sexual, mind.)

A car finally stops to pick us up. The man gives me his spot and waits for the next (he’s so nice). We stop at some school and then drive off again. Then, I’m dropped off on the side of the road next to some woods.

There’s two people waiting for/with me. We walk into the woods, and it’s pretty hilly. We keep walking, and walking, and walking through the woods, over the fallen leaves.

We started running, top speed, and when we’d make it to the top of a high hill, we’d jump to the bottom. It was fun, but scary at times. We’d land in the clearings at the bottom.

At one point, I shouted to Bane, “GREEN BROCCOLI, RED BROCCOLI!” while ripping some plants up from the ground. I don’t know why. But we laughed, and ran on.

Jeff started guiding us through the wood. Up a hill, walk to the right, down the hill. Over and over. We came to a clearing at there was a dead tree in the middle. We saw movement, and there was a large orange snake. We kept walking past it.

We came to another clearing, this one with two deadish trees. Yumblie (who replaces Jeff) and I are standing next to one, admiring the branches/fungi that grew on the side in a spiral around it. Some unknown person (who replaces Bane) is over at the other tree, staring at another orange snake.

The spiral we were staring at starts to move, and it’s a snake. Yumblie’s standing near it, so he doesn’t see the snake’s head coming at him. I throw a giant orange in Yumblie’s direction. Yumblie runs, and the snake goes after the orange.

Now the snake’s angry, and is trying to get us. The other person has also upset his snake, and we’ve got TWO giant snakes after us. I panic, and throw something at nothing in particular. This little blue thing sits in midair for a moment, I run up to it, and rip it open – a portal out of there. YAY.

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