Dream 02.03.09

Dream 1

They were testing a plane that could allow people to stand on the wing and feel no discomfort. A few people and I were asked to stand on the wing after being shown the video. The guy said I should bring my legos and play with them on the wing. I said, “If any of them fly away, you’re buying me replacements, right?”

He said, “No.”

And then I beat him up until he agreed to sign a contract stating that if any of my legos were lost, the company would replace them.

Dream 2:

I was in my house, going to take a shower. I came down the stairs wrapped in a blanket (the one my gran made). I set it on the floor of the bathroom, and turned on the water.

The bathroom was odd. For some reason, there were two toilets. The shower nozzle attached to something under the wall light for water, and it was leaking. There was more water on the floor than going to the shower.

Dream 3:

There was a d2 waypoint in my back yard, and the stony ridge fest was going on. Jorenko, Zraven, Squee, and I were slaying monsters in the middle of it. Some of the monsters were peddling wares, so I got me a new NES and two wario games.

Some of the monsters were sleeping snakes coiled in boxes. Break the box, and they come after you. The boxes were all different sizes.

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