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Dream 02.03.31

The last one was about getting home. My whole family was there. So were the Hobbits. Those bloody little bastards were startled easily and would attack me at every turn, and then apologize profusely. They would often trail behind, and would attack me when I was running back. It didn’t hurt much, kind like little paper cuts.

We followed someone’s advice and drove down a road, but the road was only railroad tracks. Bugger. We go back the way we came, and get on a train. Oops, wrong train. We found out it was wrong by riding it out of the playing field and going into the non-textured area of the map. Everything was white. We put the train in reverse and head back.

By now, we’ve given up on getting home. We hang around the train depot for a while, and another train comes. This one has crops on it. The man set to watch the crops is an elderly man, and he’s standing behind a pile of corn. We’ve all climbed up on the side of the crop-car now, and he asks one of us to hand him an ear of corn so he can taste it. My mother hands him one, while the rest of use scramble to steal as much as possible while he’s distracted.
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Dream 02.03.30

Something tells me that I need to play a racing game . . .

It started with someone giving a speech on the discovery of America . . . and how it defied their religions to have people living there . . . and that since no god has come down to punish them, there are no old gods. And with no old gods, there are no old demons. And Sauron blinks from existence. Elrond defeated Sauron with logic. Tee hee.

The convention ended, and it was time for us to play around. I guess we were irken, or something, because lunch was human worm babies. Madness!
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d2 fanart

Guess what class I play the most.

For Cammi

Inspired by both Cammi’s “I Hate Myself and I Want To Die” image and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, I drew this.

Dream 02.03.28

Gah, that was odd. I’ve only seen 5 minutes of Oni being played, but I dreamt about it.

The scenery was a factory of sorts, the walls of a purple and white blending hues . . .

It started with Oni running down a catwalk and knocking a guy over the edge of it midway. She runs to some hollow container and punches a few buttons, and then climbs on top by way of cloaked ladder. The ladder is barely visible, and we only know it’s there by the light shining off it slightly.

She slips inside the container through a hole in the top, presses more buttons, and steps out the door onto the catwalk.
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Dream 02.03.27

I had the strangest dream ever. Well, no, I might have stranger.

Couches on wheels. Two people, two couches, and endless stretch of road. (This could SO be a game). We were racing through the city streets at night, the other person was winning :(

The other person and I went to a store afterward. We picked partners and raced through the near-empty 24 hour Wal*Mart in carts. (Oooooo, another level)

We were kicked out, and we stole some cars . . . AND RACED AGAIN!

And the other person the entire time was BANE.

Written in the viewpoint of the character

I dreamed of greater things today, I dreamed of what I want to be. What I want . . . or what I was meant to be. Was I meant to be great? No, no one is born into such a status . . . we must toil with our services in life before we are granted such a penance . . . That is what they tell me, yet I do not believe them . . . but who am I to claim that I’ve been denied a destiny? Perhaps it’s a past life . . . But I’ve lived so long, how could it . . . Did I forget things over time? These scars tell me I have . . . I don’t know where I got them, yet they’re there . . . they’ve always been there . . . Those wings, were they mine? What happened to them? Why can’t I remember . . .

random kitten generator

All the kittens you killed, you wanker.

I hate myself and I want to die.

(From #rubberpiggy)

[Schroe> Okay, since Cammi nicked my “I hate myself and I want to die” line that I nicked from, I think every artist in here needs to do a super-happy pic of themselves and label it – “I hate myself and I want to die.”

Also not that the character in the image is Kerin-schroe. Silly kitty.

Dream 02.03.25

I had a dream about JHONEN.

I was at a convention, and he was there. I, of course, joined the massive throng crowding him to praise and ask questions. I finally get up to him, and his first comment is, “You’re small. You’re a very small thing.” I start to ask him something, and he says, “AW ISN’T THAT CUTE!” picks me up, and starts running. He sets me down somewhere, and runs. I run after him. I catch up with him and say, “RED JHONEN IS NOW IT!” and run. He chases. He tackles me, and says, “Blue Schroe is now it.” He keeps his arms around me so I can’t run, and we just sit in a random corner of the convention and talk. For some reason, I’m wearing a shirt with different fruit on it. He starts licking the fruit. I say, “Jhonen, this isn’t a lick’m wall.” He stops and says, “Aww.” I look up, and I say, “Jhonen, have I introduced you to my boyfriend, Jorenko?” and Jhonen was all sad-like.
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