Dream 02.02.21

In a small classroom, like none I’ve ever seen, the students draw on the board while the substitute teacher yells at them, “Don’t make me get Lak! You know I will!” Jorenko, Squee, a few other Corkies and I sit in the back of the room just talking and playing with slinkies. For some reason, the sub and I get into a fight, and he ends up kidnapping me. All that I have with me in the car is a broken slinky. He drives off, threatening to kill me and stuff. I convince him not to kill me by giving him certain favors with the aid of a slinky. He continues driving down a road until it becomes a dirt road, and then he follows that. The road becomes surrounded on either side by some sort of plant that’s being farmed there. It’s all in rows, and the car is going between the rows. Ahead of us on the road is a bunch of other cars, all slowly heading to the same place. The sub, a bitter old man, starts to drive through the field, trying to get past the other drivers. I smack him and yell, “Are you TRYING to get caught?” He gets back in line with the other cars, and later we’re walking down the same path. All the people are trying to get to a baseball field where there’s some woman in Aztec style clothing singing in a strange language. The sub an I veer from the path at the last moment and head down a hill to get away. Three men in a golf cart scoot up to us – one is also an old man, while the other two are armed guards. I levitate, trying to look scary and frighten them. It works, and then I land next to them and say, “Hiya!” and walk off as they arrest the sub.

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