Dream 02.02.06

My parents were driving around, I was in the backseat. We slowed next to this woman on the side of the road as we were about to enter some campus. She wanted to take our order, so we ordered tea. My dad started to drive off, but the woman shouted, “Don’t you want your tea?!” Dad replied, “Bring it to us when we park.” For some reason, I was embarrassed by this. He then proceeds to park in the second farthest parking spot away. The farthest was occupied by a white Chrysler, which also happened to be what we were driving. We got out of the car and see Jorenko standing at a picnic table in the playground. We run up, say hello, then Jorenko and I go off to play on the slide. Steven Tyler (his voice was Mr. Morgan’s) was the Slide Director, and he chose who got to go down and when. He would only let people go down if they could name a flavor of pop that no one else had yet. I named a bunch of Faygo flavors, so I got to go down the slide a lot. Everyone’s hair was dyed, too. Bright orange, red, yellow, green, etc.

For some reason, it moved on to a view of a message board and a bunch of different avatars. Wasn’t my board, but there were avatars of me on it.

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