Dream 02.02.06

At the start of the dream, I’m being driven out of the Commune by … some company. They turn the entire Commune into the playhouse for some super genius kid (looked like Akira). They would always have games and people over to entertain him, but he’d only sit at some little Tandy and program things. Whatever agency I worked for wanted me to kill the boy. The boy was more Tetsuo-ish than Akira. He had a Kaori … but it was *gag* Flinchum. I make my way through the game room. I’m well hidden because there’s a bunch of kids there, 500 billion arcade machines. :D

Then they order all kids to leave, so I have to hide. They don’t find me. It’s time for the kid to do his job, the reason they keep him – he’s got to do some hacking. They leave him alone to do his work except for one old woman who’s watching over him. I step into the doorway, and see that the kid is seated in seat second from the right in a row of four seats at a table. On the table are two computers. He’s sitting at the computer on the left. I bring up my gun and say, “Aren’t you usually on the right?” (Which he usually is). The woman gets up and yells for security. Too late. Tee hee. Time to destroy whatever they learned through the kid. I broke stuff! And I got away! And I blew up my Commune to get rid of them :(

The agency I worked for wanted me to next infiltrate the training centers for some other place’s agents. I make my way into this house, posing as a friend or something of someone who isn’t there. They said she’d be home soon, so it’d be okay if I waited around for her. For some reason, the house was my grandmother’s house, before the remodeling. Anyhoo, the person I was talking to was in her early twenties, blond, and wearing a sweatshirt.

The “friend” I was waiting for came in. I walked up to her, greeted her like I’d known her all my life, and she just played along because she was embarrassed to not remember me from school. The younger woman was 18-19, short red hair, wearing a sweatshirt like her sister’s. She whispered to her sister that she didn’t know me. Shit.

The red head grabs her gun and points it at me. I disarm her easily. Hooray for Magnums! I shot her in the shoulder, and ran to hide. I hid behind some bookcase, and waited for them to come by. They didn’t. The blond one activated the laser grid. I jumped and hopped to avoid the frickin’ lazerz and wind up in the lounge, where they were hiding. I jump behind a couch before they can shoot at me, but they didn’t even try to shoot me.

The blond one starts trying to convince me that I’m fighting for a hopeless cause. I tell her that I’m here for one cause, to kill the trainers and trainees. She blasphemes everything I was taught to believe in, and I actually start to believe her. During this distraction, a man grabs me, and I’m caught.

The end.

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