Dream 02.02.26

Dream, dream, dream . . .

The first that I recall was trying to show the character Mr. Burns just how evil he really is, kinda like a Scrooge/Ghost thing. I dragged him to a small children’s hospital and forced him to sit with the kids for a long time. While I was there, Jenessa showed up to tease people. I asked her to leave, and forcibly pushed her out the window entrance to the room. The only way into this room was through a window on the second story, with a small patch of roof to step up from. She finally agreed to leave, and when she had her back turned, I pushed her. Someone, Halley, saw this, and agreed to keep silent, because she and many others thought that Janessa deserved it. Janessa is brought up to the care center on the 2nd story in a bit and healed. (HP system for this dream: Upon death or serious injury, a certain number of HP is removed from your total permanently) Janessa begins to cause trouble in the hospital, and I go to throw her out again. She leaves, and again, is pushed from the roof. We just leave her this time. We don’t care.

At this point, the dream is diverted to a battle between masked samurai warriors and Western armies. The battle was part of genocide more than it was a war. The samurai were all but wiped out – some Western peasants in a caravan grabbed a warrior before he was slaughtered and took him with them. He was, of course, too full of pride to stay with them. They offered him fresh cheese and such to win him over. Never worked, until he saw one of the women, of course. Hooray for lust!

In this next part of the dream, I play his daughter. For some reason, two men (One looked like a Diablo II barbarian, the other a long black haired youth) and I were running along a sparsely forested field. The dirt was coppery in color, so I thought it was in the Southwest. We stop running when we reach a canyon, with a river at the bottom. The river is too shallow in this weather, so there are two ships trapped in the river’s mud. Before us is a wood and rope bridge.

We mutter on whether it is safe, but the youth gets on it right away, egging us to join. The barb joins him on the bridge, and they run down it, losing their balance at the end and falling a short distance to the river bed. (the bridge not only went across, but also downward). The reason they lost their balance is because the rope “rails” are separate from the wooden planks of the bridge. I notice this, wrap my arms around the ropes (Hooray for sleeves!) and slide all the way down, my feet never touching the planks.

At the bottom, we notice there’s an old road sign – “HWY 17” and there’s a road crossing the river, partially under it. The road also went through the mountain we were just on. The boats we’d seen were also of old style – old for the characters at least. Two freighters, modern looking to us, but old to the characters. How many times can I say that? What’s old to us is new to them, and new to use is old to them. All the old tech is mostly forgotten . . .

Anyhoo, at the bottom, we find a path to start up the short distance over the other side of the canyon. We start walking up a vine covered path when I notice something – the vines cover metal . . .

I lift up the vines and see a chain-link fence, rusted. I lift it up and see old concrete stairs . . .we climb up the path a bit more and come to a metal tower of some sort. The youth suggests we use it to make it over the top, and we all get on it at once. I’m at the bottom, and I notice the thing is far from stable. The barb (he’s a young barb) jumps off when I mention how unstable it is, and it shifts a bit – and I’m covered in water. This thing was pumping water still . . .

We climb over the top, and the dream changes again. This time I’m in a fairly modern city, and I have a need for blood. Human blood. It’s night, so I enter the back room of some porn shop, and there they are, all lined up. There’s a pair of prostitutes, one’s holding a child, the other is sitting next to a child. A black man turns around an looks at me, and asks if I’m here to offer my services. I glare at him and tell him I’m here as a client. I ask the girls, “Which of you is not a mother?” The one sitting next to a child answers that she isn’t, but also states that she’s to care for the child anyway.

Shit. I will not take parents from their children. Only choice left – the pimp. I grab a pair of needle nose pliers and stab him quickly, draining the blood I needed, but something was wrong, someone came in, and I couldn’t drain him completely. I grabbed his body and ran into the sewers. Damn it, damn it all to Hell, I fucked up. He’s going to end up like me now.

While walking the sewers, things start to look a little nicer. The stone walls turn to marble, the iron gates to gold. I’m suddenly assaulted by two females. One girl was dressed fluffily, but she carried whips. By fluffy, I mean everything was puffy and soft. The other girl looked to be made of bike chains. Her hair was bike chains, her clothes were bike chains.

Whips and chains.

They brought me to their master, who had pale green skin and red-orange hair. Despite his look in the picture, he was always very . . . flaming. He behaved like self-absorbed homosexual. That’s not meant to be an insult, he was just . . . gay. He was covered in pearls and perfume.

I was berated for infringing on his territory, because San Francisco (where this dream took place) was his. All his, darling. I left, dragging the pimp’s body, still. I brought him back to the place I got him from and tied him in a chair. The whores were scared, of course, but they just sat there and watched as I tried to explain to the pimp what he had become. As an example to show that he couldn’t die, I slit his neck with scissors. No blood, minor pain, no death.

A customer walks in and sees me holding a pair of scissors to the pimp’s throat. He runs, but he’s fat, and I catch him. I tie him up, and have to dispose of him. I take him to a firing range and tie him to a target used for long range explosives. Someone asks me if I’d seen Mr. Hooper, a politician who’d gone missing last night. I say no, and a hand slips out of the bundle I’ve got the body in. “Hey, that’ looks like-”
“Yeah, I know, but it’s just a Hooperdoll. He wasn’t very liked, you know. My friends and I are having a little humorous target practice.”
“Oh . . . *long pause* HEY!”
I had finished attaching Hooper’s body to the target, and people were already firing. The man followed me, but I jumped into the sewers and hid again.

I ended up in the Vamp tramp’s sewers again, and he decided he’d yell at me again.

I kinda just killed him. GOOD MORNING!

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