Dream 02.01.30

Harry Potter related dream

A young Schroe, along with two other students, both male, wander the dark halls of Hogwart’s. Schroe has it in her mind to scare these young’uns. The room falls into complete darkness, but the boys keep going by feeling the walls. Schroe can see perfectly. She removes her feet from the floor and begins to float to the boys. Just as she’s about the scare the ever living daylights out of them, a torch flashes, and the room lights up. Schroe sets down on the ground, and acts like nothing was wrong.

They get in trouble for being out at night, and are sent to their rooms. On their way, Schroe silently sets a spell for everyone to grow beards. While they’re working to get that removed, she sets another one – a pack of random dogs infest the school.

The professors have no idea who or what is causing this. A giggling Schroe watches from afar as a group of teachers lower Harry Potter into a hole to look for the cause. Schroe sneaks off :)

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